Nipponia’s French partner, ECCITY Motocycles, wins the tender launched by SIPPEREC 

(Syndicat intercommunal de la périphérie de Paris pour les énergies et les réseaux de communication - Inter-municipal syndicate of the Parisian suburbs for energy and communication networks).

Further to its success with the City of PARIS, which - in 2016 - selected the Artelec 670 as the 125cc category electric scooter,  

ECCITY Motocycles has won the tender launched by SIPPEREC with its 50cc category Artelec 470.

This extendable 2-year contract, with an estimated quantity of 200 electric scooters, was won by the Artelec 470.  

It represents a deserved recognition from this organization, which incorporates approximately 600 public institutions and authorities in the Ile-de-France region. 


Photo ©Wilfrid Gremillet – SIPPEREC