Sean McKeon, an owner of a Nipponia Brio 125, purchased from Nipponia dealer CBS Whitton in Twickenham, England covered a distance of over 3,000 km in two weeks on his trustworthy Nipponia cub.

Starting from London and travelling North, Sean reached Fort William in the Scottish Highlands before turning around and heading Southwest and ending up in his hometown of Dublin in Ireland.

As Sean said himself, “this is an incredible testament to the Nipponia brand and the bike itself” to have covered such a distance in such a short time “without having a single problem (apart from a flat tyre)”. Sean also said that he actually weighs more than the bike himself and during his trip he also carried a heavy bag on his back.

His route was as follows:

London – Birmingham – Leeds – Newcastle – Edinburgh – Fort William – Glasgow – Cairnryan – Belfast – Dublin