Season’s Greetings from Nipponia!

The latest Nipponia European lineup was exhibited with great success at the Brussels Expo. The Nipponia range includes conventional models but is mainly focused on electric mobility. The Nipponia electric scooter models offer stylish and innovative designs and top-of-the-market components, all at affordable prices.

Trade & Traffic Plus, the recently acquired Nipponia company, staged a dealer event on Nov. 17th at the facilities in Wezep, Holland. In addition to the many Dutch dealers, other international associates also attended. Staff members of the Nipponia Athens office and members of the Dutch and Greek press were also present.

The event was deemed a great success as, in addition to the presentation of the new lineup of newly available models, all associates were made aware of the backing and support that Nipponia brings to the equation.
Trade & Traffic Plus is a company with a long-standing presence on the Dutch market. The company’s immediate plans are to reinforce the presence in the Dutch market but also to expand the dealer network to additional Central European markets. The geographical location of Trade & Traffic Plus makes it an ideal distribution hub for such markets.



Nipponia's stand at Intermot 2018.

Nipponia is presenting two electric scooters at Intermot, destined to be on the roads of Europe in 2019.
The first, the Nipponia Volty, falls into the 50cc category, is powered by a 1500W Bosch electric hub motor and has a range of up to 100km thanks to two lithium batteries.
Simple, elegant but modern lines provide an overall package that makes for an affordable but stylish approach to alternative transport.
The Nipponia Terranova provides a real reason to go electric.  It is a maxi-scooter with a centrally-located 24Kw (max power) electric motor, 100+km range, built-in GPS (controlled by a mobile app) and all the bells and whistles that one would expect from such a top-end model.

See them live at the Nipponia stand: Hall 7, Stand F.045 E.040

A new 300cc liquid-cooled engine has been specially developed for the Nipponia Status which emphasizes performance, low consumption and a smooth riding experience.
The Nipponia Status is equipped with all the equipment that one would expect and much more. Fuel injection, ABS brakes, Digital GPS-equipped instrument panel, USB charge outlet, LED position and tail lights, adjustable windscreen and so much more.

See it live at the Nipponia stand: Hall 7, Stand F.045 E.040

Nipponia is proud to present two new models that are a stylish introduction to the world of motorcycling as well as a practical solution for commuting.
The Nipponia Duel is a stylish 125cc motorcycle with a punchy Euro-IV fuel-injected, twin spark engine. Equipped with front and rear CBS-connected disc brakes, a fully digital instrument panel, the Duel is a great but affordable solution.
The Nipponia Tremor is a small-sized commuter albeit much more than a toy. Powered by a vertical-cylinder Euro-IV fuel injected, twin spark engine, it is a joy to ride, commute or just have fun, on or off road. Its quirky design and colours will certainly add an additional fun factor to biking.

See them live at the Nipponia stand: Hall 7, Stand F.045 E.040

The Nipponia MSGER is a utility scooter designed to carry rider and pillion but mainly to be used as a transport vehicle for light loads. A hybrid seat that folds up reveals a large loading area. Additional loads can be placed in front of the driver on the extra-length foot platform. A low centre of gravity provides safety and stability under load.
The Nipponia Miro is a stylish and simple everyday scooter with an ample seat and storage space.
Both models are powered by a fuel-injected, frugal but effective Euro-IV engine.

See them live at the Nipponia stand: Hall 7, Stand F.045 E.040

Nipponia will be participating in the Intermot 2018 international motorcycle exhibition where a new range of models will be introduced.  The international exhibition takes place in Cologne and is expecting more than 220,000 visitors (including 59,000 trade visitors).

Nipponia is dynamically penetrating the world markets. Currently present on 4 continents, expansion into the Central America markets is due to begin this autumn.

Nipponia is entering the electric bike market. A new range of electric bikes will be introduced at Intermot 2018 in Cologne. Economy and innovative design is what to expect, with Nipponia guaranteeing the quality.

Nipponia will present a completely new range of small motorcycles and scooters at the Intermot 2018 exhibition in Cologne next month. All the new models are in line with the latest European market trends and will offer trustworthy, reliable and affordable alternatives on the mid-range segment.

The destination of the annual Nipponia trip for the dealers of the Dominican Republic this year was Greece. The trip took place in late May and our Dominican clients had the opportunity to take in the many sites that Greece has to offer in an activity-filled week.

Athens, Sounio, Santorini, Epidavros, Mycenae and Nafplion were some of many places that were included in the itinerary.

This year’s trip was special since Nipponia, being a Greek company, was able to provide a first-hand experience of all that is Greek: hospitality, food and delightful destinations.




Nipponia is proud to announce the participation in the upcoming Intermot 2018 exhibition in Cologne with an exciting new range of models.

Stay tuned for further updates…

The presentation of the Nipponia new models for the dealers took place in Santo Domingo in March.

Everyone was present. From left to right:

1. Sr. Julio Cesar de la Cruz - Deninsa Internacional 2. Sr. Frederic Alvarado (son) - P&P Comercial Srl 3. Srl Freddy Alvarado - P&P Comercial Srl 4. Sra Carmen Lugo - Importadora E.&C. Srl 5. Sra Kenia Gonsález abogada de bufete del Dr.Sánchez 6. Sr. William Castillo - Inversiones Mayía Srl 7. Sr. Eduardo Jimenez Cedano - Cedano Motors Srl

We thank everyone for being there!